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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Clean air on the road starts with a reliable car air purifier, although we don’t have scientific evidence to prove our purifier can keep you safe from coronavirus (COVID-19) you can assure our purifier exceeds expectations.

Innovative Technology That Never Fails

The NexonAir Purifier was invented to protect your health. As a tool with a purpose, it operates based on a high quality, award-winning innovative design. By projecting negative ions in a four dimensional plane your entire car will see an improved quality of air flow. As you drive around the city, exhaust fumes, factory discharge and airborne bacteria can find its way into your breathing space. Our filter was designed with a TVOC air sensor and integrated air ionizer to rapidly detect rising levels of toxic air and purify pollutants as well as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens.

Designed in California this is not your ordinary HEPA filter

You read that right. This efficient 4 in 1 HEPA filter is the most sophisticated car air purifier available. Your car's interior never smelled and felt so fresh. With a 99.97% purifying rate, your lungs will thank you later. Sit back and watch our purifier do its job in cleaning up even the most toxic elements like formaldehyde , cigarette smoke, dust and many other contaminating air polutants. Now you can monitor your air quality in real time as the intelligent purification protocols work harder when more contamination is present.


The moment you realize this purifier actually works is just awesome! Right after a long drive you can absolutely smell and breathe the difference, great work awesome product love it!

The diffrence in air quality is just amazing!

I smoke cigarettes in my car and the Nexon air purifier greatly reduces the smell.

Ozone free air-ionizer to fresh the air

Developed in Bakersfield means our designers had virtually unlimited amounts of pollution to perfect the system with. After an extensive research and development phase, we decided the answer was to combine a TVOC air sensor, powerful fan for circulating fresh air and a HEPA filter to create a truly revolutionary product.

Cleaner Fresher Air Than Ever Before

Protect the lives of everyone in your car. By maintaining a high level of air quality, your brain will thank you by functioning sharper and clearer. If there is one thing that our bodies respond well to, it’s fresh air. Maintain an alertness that will give you a jolt of energy and renewed spirit of health. Fresh air has the power to deliver more than physical health benefits, the mental side effects can be extremely powerful.